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Amforište, Vis

Vis abounds in archaeological sites, sunken ships, and amphorae sites which bear testimony to the island’s long history in trading and construction. A portion of the treasures found on Vis are on display at the local museum, and some are found at the original sites – under the sea. One of the largest amphorae sites lies at the entrance to the Vis Bay; it is not covered with meshing and the amphorae can be examined up close. As it lies at 30 m, the site is ideal for novice divers. It is hard to tell what was stored in the amphorae on their last voyage; today, they are home to octopi, crabs and starfish.

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GPS: N 43 04 40 | E 16 13 08 »
Nearest settlement: Vis
Distance: 1.5 nm

Main characteristics

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