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Green cave
The light effects at the Green Cave diving site on the Island of Vis are a similar experience to that at the Blue Cave on the Island of Biševo. It is located on the southwest shore of the Island of Ravnik, one of the numerous small islands found off the southeast coast of Vis. Due to its geomorphological features, this area has been declared a protected zone. The cave was named after the green tinge of its waters, the result of green algae colonies found at its entrance. Another attraction is the opening in the ceiling that allows sunlight to penetrate into the cave’s interior, creating a concentrated ray that creates a magical effect in the green waters. A massive rock column at the cave’s entrance divides it into two openings - the right one a little wider than the left. The cave is spacious and can be entered by boat. As such, it serves as an ideal refuge.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat which can anchor at the cave entrance; it is best if the descent starts from this point. The depth is about 30 m and the smaller cave can be explored first, followed by exploration of the Green Cave wall. During the approach, the level of water decreases and the depth in the cave is 3-7 m. Tourist boats and other vessels often frequent the cave, so divers should exercise caution to avoid accidents.

Marine life

Although there is not much marine life in the cave, its geological formation is interesting as are the light effects. Marine life abounds at the cave entrance – schools of fish, colonies of algae and sponges. Holes and crevices may seem deserted, but may reveal interesting undersea life.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 00 55 | E 16 13 28 »
Nearest settlement: Vis
Distance: 9 nm

Main characteristics

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