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Sv. Ivan na pučini

Sv. Ivan na Pučini Lighthouse
The Island of Sveti Ivan is among the largest islands within the Rovinj archipelago. The greatest depth is 27 m; however, dives between 1-18 m are of the greatest interest, making diving at this island suitable for all categories of divers. The site is also suitable for night dives.

Marine life

The south side of the island is the most interesting for diving. The undersea world is rich in life, especially on the rocky seabed. Marine life includes damselfish, triplefins, axillary wrasse, brown combers, common lobsters, Mediterranean wrasse, grey wrasse and various stingers and anemones are to be found in the currents.

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Site depth


GPS: N 45 02 32 | E 13 36 50 »
Nearest settlement: Rovinj
Distance: 2 nm

Main characteristics

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