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Vodnjak Kampanel

Sea slug (Cratena pelegrina)
Numerous diving sites are found around the Island of Hvar, and most of them are located around the Paklina Isles archipelago. The name of these isles derives from the Croatian word for resin – paklina, however, over time, it has been changed to pakleni (devilish), a term that could also be used to describe them as they are devilishly beautiful. Those who have visited this part of the Adriatic will agree that it is truly one of the most beautiful destinations, one that offers numerous sites, on land and at sea, notably around the Island of Vodnjak, as well as an attractive underwater crag, which resembles a bell- tower and which the locals appropriately call Kampanel (bell-tower).

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat and as it is an open water dive, divers are bound to feel an adrenalin rush as they dive down to the seabed along the anchoring line. The bell-tower rises from the depths and up 10 m below the surface. The most interesting section is the canyon covered in red gorgonian at 15-40 m, and the 5 m long tunnel at 35 m. Divers should also beware of strong currents here.

Marine life

Kampanel/Bell-tower is an appropriate name as this site attracts schools of various fish as it silently tolls into the blue depths – forkbeards, scorpionfish and many others. Lobsters and hermit crabs are a frequent sight, but another feature makes it one of the most attractive sites on the Adriatic – red gorgonians, which can be purple, blue or pink and which line the tunnel to the Kampanel and ascent zone.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 10 44 | E 16 18 34 »
Nearest settlement: Hvar
Distance: 7 nm

Main characteristics

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