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Lučica, cave opening
The underwater world also has its hermitage and desert. The Lučice Cave lies in the Lučice Cove, on the southeast shore of the island at a depth of only 5 m. It drops a further 15 m to a spacious chamber that leads off into two tunnels. The right side drops to 30 m, while the left to 44 m.

Diving tips

Anchoring is above the entrance to the cave, followed by descent to cave and seabed and explora- tion of the left tunnel. On ascent, exploration of the less-demanding right tunnel is possible. Exploration at the entrance zone at 3 to 5 m is also ideal for a decompression stop.

Marine life

Vertical caves are the harshest undersea habitat. The walls are bare as they are not exposed to currents, and algae are found closer to the surface where there is more sunlight. The only resident of this deserted cave is the leopard-spot goby, which is hard to find except in holes and crevices. Greater amberjacks also frequent the site.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 18 12 | E 16 27 15 »
Nearest settlement: Milna
Distance: 5 nm

Main characteristics

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