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Diver in deep sea suit
Of the thousands of islands, islets and crags found along the Adriatic, picking the largest is an easy feat. But finding the smallest, the lowest-lying and the least inhabited island is not quite as easy. The Island of Krapanj, located 360 m from the mainland, is just that. Krapanj has everything a small town needs: a church, a monastery, a bell-tower, a square, streets and inhabitants! It also has its undersea inhabitants. The best way to get to know them it is at the Plić site, excellent for beginners, day or night.

Diving tips

Boats anchor in the shallows. Sponges, soles and weevers are found on the seabed of sand and rock. Participating in a tradition that has existed on Krapanj for centuries, learning to dive in a pool, under ideal conditions, is a unique experience.

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GPS: N 43 39 59 | E 15 54 25 »
Nearest settlement: Krapanj
Distance: 1 nm

Main characteristics

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