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Beadlet anemone (Actinia equina)
The Blitvenica Lighthouse lies about 3 nautical miles south of the Island of Žirje; south of Blitvenica, there is an abyss that drops to a depth of 200 m. However, an interesting site is to be found at a mere 18 m – a rock which lies southeast of Blitvenica.

Diving tips

To reach the rock southeast of Blitvenica anchor is dropped above it and descent is along the anchoring line. On reaching maximum depth, ascend gradually. Beware of strong currents.

Marine life

Coral is found in the waters off Blitvenica, notably the majestic red coral. Gorgonians and large red, horny coral confirm that this site is an ideal habitat for coral. Gorgonian colonies create tree-like structures along the vertical crag, some of which are over 1 m in height. The yellow colourings of sea fans are also eye-catching. Alcyonium coralloides soft coral often grows on colonies of dead sea fans and differ from red coral in that they have a soft structure. Red coral lies in accessible spots, and its majestic red structure makes it unique, but also an endangered species. Once present at a depth of only 30 m, today, it is found at 70 m and deeper.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 37 25 | E 15 34 37 »
Nearest settlement: Žirje
Distance: 3.5 nm

Main characteristics

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