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Sestrice male

Sestrice, wall
The Island of Sestrice Male is found in the Telašćica Nature Park, next to the Island of Sestrice Vele, recognizable by the lighthouse located on it.

Diving tips

Anchoring is off the eastern coast, some 6 m from the shore. Descent is due southeast along the right shoulder of the wall. As the wall drops to 25 m, the dive continues eastward towards a second wall and the site. The actual site is very attractive as it drops to 25-50 m and is covered in gorgonians. It is best to descend to maximum depth immediately and then ascend gradually.

Marine life

The sea around the island abounds in marine life – sponges, stingers, gorgonians, scorpionfish, brown combers, lobsters and marine goldfish are but a portion of the abundance found at this site.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 50 58 | E 15 12 55 »
Nearest settlement: Sali
Distance: 8 nm

Main characteristics

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