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Lanterna, Zub

Sea hare (Aplysia fasciata)
Point Zub lies on the Laterna peninsula between Poreč and Novigrad at the mouth of the Mirna River. The lighthouse was built in 1872 and received its name based on a legend in which a toothless fisherman’s wife miraculously received a new set of pearly white teeth at the rock lying close by.

Diving tips

The lighthouse can be reached by road and diving can be organised from shore or by boat. The site is at a depth of between 3 and 16 m, making it suitable for beginners.

Marine life

River mouths are full of life. There are yellow sulphur sponges on the sandy and rocky bottom covered in fields of Cystoseria algae. These waters and fields are good hiding places for spider or red crabs, common to the undersea world of Istria. Sea slugs are to be found slightly deeper in the posidonia fields. This site is a good diving site as it has a rich variety of fish: painted combers, wrasse, two-banded seabream, rainbow wrasse, white bream.

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Site depth


GPS: N 45 17 53 | E 13 34 06 »
Nearest settlement: Umag
Distance: 1 nm

Main characteristics

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