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This site is unique to the Adriatic. Facing the open sea, it is exposed to strong currents and is one of the most recognizable motifs of the Telašćica Nature Park. Rising 100 m above the sea, the cliffs of Strmac drop down to a depth of 80 m and offer a contrasting landscape to the one found on land.

Diving tips

Dives take place at sea to maximum depth, a gradual ascent and time for exploration before resurfacing.

Marine life

The sea has given life to and enriched the cliff with a plethora of flora and fauna – saupe, scorpionfish, two-banded sea bream and sheepshead bream; colonies of Clavelina sea squirts, a variety of sponges, among them the Axinella, adorned with false black coral. The walls are covered in beautiful colonies of finger coral, often confused with red coral. And the rare Thorny oyster.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 54 03 | E 15 08 22 »
Nearest settlement: Zaglav
Distance: 8 nm

Main characteristics

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