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Kampanel, tip
Although the beauty of warmer seas is often highlighted as a tourist attraction, Croatia’s undersea world also conceals coy majestic beauty. The Kampanel diving site is an underwater bank lying off the west coast of the island and is not readily accessible. Like its name, it resembles a bell-tower. It is an impressive sight with its eruption of colours and life and is one of the most beautiful diving sites in Croatia.

Diving tips

The site can only be reached by boat, anchoring is at the tip of Kampanel, which is 6 m in circumference, at a depth of 30 m. Only versed divers are able to find the site. The dive is along the anchor line to the bank’s tip and then along the vertical drop to the plateau at a depth of 55 m. Its slope continues to descend into the depths. After exploration of the plateau, ascent is along the bank and up the anchoring line with a safety stop. Strong currents prevail, notably at the tip of the bank, so divers are warned to take precautions when ascending to the surface.

Marine life

The impressive tip of the Kampanel emerging from the blue depths announces greater magic in store – the beauty of the reef itself and the plateau; fields of gorgonians – red, yellow, pink and white, as well as other cnidaria species. Marine goldfish, swallowtail sea perches, two-banded seabream, greater amberjacks, bonitos are to be found in crevices and holes as well as in the surrounding waters.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 51 45 | E 15 11 10 »
Nearest settlement: Sali
Distance: 6 nm

Main characteristics

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