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Veli Garmenjak

False black coral ( Gerardia savaglia)
The majestic landscapes and richness in life found on Dugi Otok are reflected in the waters off this island, in its flora and fauna. A good example is the diving site on the Island of Garminjak located off the south-western tip of Dugi Otok and in the Telašćica Nature Park.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat and anchoring is in a cove in the south-eastern section of Veli Garminjak. The dive is down and along the reef which drops to 55 m. Depending on experience, the diver can reach a maximum depth, followed by extended exploration of the reef and small cave while surfacing.

Marine life

The Veli Garminjak reef abounds in red gorgonian, sea fans, and sponges which are a haven to scorpionfish, axillary wrasse and rainbow wrasse, and two-banded sea bream, white bream and sheepshead bream; closer to the surface, more concealed areas are inhabited by leopard gobies and forkbeards. As this site is rich in caves, it is also a habitat for other rare species – at a depth of only 24 m, and in an underwater cave, one may encounter the Asbestopluma hypogea, an exceptionally rare deepwater meateating species of sponge.

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Site depth


GPS: N 43 52 00 | E 15 10 58 »
Nearest settlement: Sali
Distance: 7.5 nm

Main characteristics

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