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Masleničko ždrijelo

The Maslenica Bridge
The two Maslenica bridges not only connect two bodies of land, they are also a natural boundary between freshwater and seawater habitats. Strong currents, the result of changing tides, create tidewaters that flow in one direction over a six-hour period and then back again over another six-hour period. There is a 45-minute time slot for diving without strong currents when the tide and current change.

Diving tips

Dives can be from the shore or from a boat. It is highly recommendable that it be from shallow waters and planned ahead in view of current status. Diving in pairs is compulsory; the distance between divers should not exceed 5 m.

Marine life

The mixture of fresh and sea water found here is an ideal habitat for numerous species – garfish, sea anemones, sponges, Mediterranean wrasse, branching Axinellae sponges, graceful fan worms; the majestic Alcyonium coral and an unusual crea- ture that resembles the African baobab tree – the Ocnus planci sea cucumber.

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GPS: N 44 13 26 | E 15 31 50 »
Nearest settlement: Maslenica
Distance: 0.6 nm

Main characteristics

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