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The steamship Tihany was rented by the Austro-Hungarian Navy during World War I and was named after a town in Hungary. When it sank, it had barely been at sea for 10 years. Built in Trieste in 1908, it was a typical cargo steamship, 45 m long and 6 m wide, and plied the eastern Adriatic coast. It foundered on the isle of Školjić near the Island of Unije on 12 February 1917 carrying 129 tons of coal and an oil wagon and sank during attempts to refloat it.

Diving tips

Anchoring is at the western section of Pt. Školjić at a depth of 5 m and the dive is vertically along the reef and down to the Tihany resting on her port side at a depth of 35 m. The best approach is from the bow, which lies buried in the sand, and then into the ship’s spacious, well-lit and semi-empty interior where traces of its last cargo – coal – can still be found. The reserve propeller is also still intact. An ideal dive on the diving curve – from shallow waters to a depth of 35 m and then back again along a reef worth investigating.

Marine life

Wooden sections have rotted, but the steel construction remains intact and is thriving in marine life, notably Sabella fan worms, found concealed in the interior. Damselfish, sheepshead bream and saupe are to be found near the wreck, and large lobsters on the seabed. The wreck is covered in sponges of various colours. Two-banded sea bream, white bream, hide in crevices on the reef and the plateau abounds in green algae.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 38 10 | E 14 13 49 »
Nearest settlement: Unije
Distance: 0.7 nm

Main characteristics

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