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Tenki, cameraman and school of rainbow wrasse
The Tenki Shallows are a tunnel wide enough for diving at a depth of 4 – 9 m. The shallower part of the wall drops to a depth of 22 m. The flora and fauna on the north crag at 15 m are worth a visit and the dive is a real treat for novice divers. Experienced divers will enjoy deeper depths (28-43 m). On the northeastern side, the undersea wall is covered in gorgonians, and the tip of the crag is inhabited by octopi and spiny spider crabs.

Diving tips

Dives are usually in a south/southeast direction (with the wall on the right-hand side) and to a depth of 30 m, then across a sandy plateau at 25 m with large boulders. Diving among the canyon boulders leads slowly to the tip of the submerged crag and the surface.

Marine life

The tunnel ceiling is especially interesting and is overgrown in dendrophiles and various polyps. The north crag is full of holes and crevices, which are a natural habitat for various species of fish, crabs and sponges, including sheepshead and, two-banded seabream, giltheads and gorgonians. The tip of the crag is often home to octopi and spiny spider crabs.

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GPS: N 45 04 15 | E 14 43 36 »
Nearest settlement: Vrbnik
Distance: 3.5 nm

Main characteristics

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