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Glavina, cave
Although the barren and inaccessible crags on the northeast side of the Island of Krk may deceive you into believing that there is little worth seeing in the waters here, after several metres, you are likely to change your mind. A wondrous world teeming with fish and other striking inhabitants lies under the inaccessible crags rising above the sea.

Diving tips

Descent is from an anchored boat to shallows at 8 m. Diving in an easterly direction (40-50 m away), takes you to the Katedrala - Cathedral. Also worth visiting is a small cave in the coastline. Divers can only enter one at a time.

Marine life

The diverse flora and fauna round off the dive. This site is rich in: sponges, anemones and stingers, Eunicella cavolinii sea fans, Antedon mediterranea feather-stars and molluscs. Schools of dentex also frequent the site.

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Site depth


GPS: N 45 04 08 | E 14 44 33 »
Nearest settlement: Vrbnik
Distance: 2.5 nm

Main characteristics

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