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Taranto, tractor
In front of Grebeni, half a mile west of Dubrovnik, lie the remains of the Taranto, an Italian trading vessel built in Rotterdam in 1899 and mobilised by the Italian navy during the war for transporting military provisions. On 15 February 1943, while transporting flour and tractors to Dubrovnik, she ran into a mine near Grebeni, hit the cliff, shattering her bow, and sank. Today, this 62-metre vessel serves as an artificial bank. Two tractors stand next to the wreck on the sandy seabed, ready for ploughing. The maximum depth here is 53 m.

Diving tips

The anchoring line is tied to the wreck’s bow (23 m) and descent is along the anchoring line. The ship’s bow appears out of the darkness at 10 m. Its interior is visible. The dive continues on to the stern. The ship’s steam engine lies at approx. 45 m, its 10-metre chimney rising upwards. The stern lies at 50 m. Two tractors and the remains of the cargo lie strewn around the wreck. The rupture on the bow created by collision with the cliff allows divers to dive under the wreck.

Marine life

Like all metal objects, the Taranto is covered in various sponges, bryozoans and anemones. Swimming around her, one may encounter schools of mullet and cardinalfish. Forkbeards hide in the cargo hold; they and the other sea residents bring new life. Scorpionfish and lobsters inhabit the wall on which she rests and mullets and ocotopi are found on the seabed.

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GPS: N 42 39 08 | E 18 02 35 »
Nearest settlement: Dubrovnik
Distance: 2.6 nm

Main characteristics

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