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Grebeni, view during ascent
A very interesting diving site ideal for novice divers is a small crag that lies on the sheltered side of Grebeni, between a narrower and wider passage.

Diving tips

Anchoring is at a buoy on the sheltered side of Grebeni, closer to the narrower passage/tunnel and the small rock. Diving in a southerly direction, exit through a narrow pass (4 m) and onto the outer side of the crag facing the open sea and on to a wall that drops to 18 m. A recess in the crag’s mid-section reveals a beautiful, small and almost undetectable cave. Light falling through an opening in the ceiling offers a fascinating display of light and shadows. Depending on experience, divers may opt to ascend through the closer, smaller opening, or the larger, farther one leading to the shallows (3-6 m) lying between the crag and a field of posidonia.

Marine life

Divers may encounter gurnards, octopi, moray eels, schools of two-banded sea bream, forkbeards and scorpionfish.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 39 04 | E 18 03 16 »
Nearest settlement: Dubrovnik
Distance: 4 nm

Main characteristics

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