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Peltastis, mast
The Peltastis wreck lies close to the northeast shore of the Island of Krk. It was a freight ship flying under the Greek flag, so it is nicknamed the “Greek”. During a storm, on the night of 7th- 8th January, 1968, it foundered on the craggy coast and sank 50 m from shore. The bow of the wreck (length: 60.15 m; width: 9 m; height: 4.26 m) lies in the direction of the shore at a depth of 15-16 m; the stern lies at 32 m.

Diving tips

Anchoring is between two masts - the stern line is safer. Dives usually start with a descent down the anchoring line and to the top of the mainmast at 12 m, continue down to the bridge at 20 m and, if visibility remains good, on to the propeller at 31 m. The dive continues with an ascent to 26 m and the stern hold, along the left/right side of the vessel, depending on currents, or through the hold, and on to the bow at 17-25 m. Ascent is back at the bow mast, or the dive may include a more detailed visit to the stern and bridge before surfacing, depending on time left, with ascent at the anchoring line along the stern.

Marine life

The wreck abounds in flora and fauna and, like many others, is visited by schools of fish. A permanent resident at the wreck is a conger, 2 m in length. The cargo area below deck is home to lobsters and Galathea strigosa squat lobsters. Night dives are a special treat as many sea creatures are nocturnal. The wreck is also home to Dendrodoris grandiflora sea slugs and various sponges.

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GPS: N 45 09 37 | E 14 39 01 »
Nearest settlement: Šilo
Distance: 0.5 nm

Main characteristics

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