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Amforište, Mljet

If you head north from the village of Pomena on the Island of Mljet, you will come across the Island of Glavat and an amphorae site with vessels dating back to the first century AD.

Diving tips

Anchoring is at a depth of 6-10 m near the amphorae site, which can be explored in two ways. More experienced divers can start by exploring the wall which starts at 15 m and drops to 60 m, ending at the sandy seabed, which drops vertically into the depths. Ascent is towards the amphorae site located 70 m to the southwest. Most of the site lies at 6 m and is appropriate for a decompression stop. The second approach is ideal for less experienced divers – exploration of the main amphorae site (other amphorae can be found by descending deeper). This site is ideal for novice divers.

Marine life

Although this site primarily abounds in archaeological treasures, it also has something to offer those interested in marine life.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 48 23 | E 17 21 43 »
Nearest settlement: Pomena
Distance: 1 nm

Main characteristics

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