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Giant tun (Tonna galea)
Drašan lies off the north coast of the Island of Lastovo and is easy to find as it is marked as shallow water. During low tide, it almost reaches the surface, creating a danger to incautious seafarers. Many a vessel has run aground here, evident from amphorae and ship remains, some older and some more recent, that lie on the seabed. The sea current here can be very strong. The northern side of the crag drops to 35 m. The seabed is fine sand which reflects the sunlight, so that it is hard to judge the true depth here.

Diving tips

The site can only be reached by boat as it is located 1 nm off the coast. Anchoring in the shallows is followed by a slow descent and exploration. The site is diverse in structure - rocks and crags, crevices and a sandy seabed. A metal boat lies on the coastward interior incline; her ribs are intact, while other sections are strewn around. Intact amphorae and shards are found on the seabed. In good weather and when currents are not too strong, this is a very pleasant diving site.

Marine life

Scorpionfish, the occasional lobster, two-banded sea bream, schools of damselfish and blotched picarel are found in shallower waters; deeper waters are home to hermit crabs, conger eels, axillary wrasse and cuttlefish. Protected species found on the seabed include giant tuns, lizardfish, white weevers, Mediterranean cardinalfish, rainbow wrasse and swallowtail seaperches.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 46 50 | E 16 56 30 »
Nearest settlement: Zaklopatica
Distance: 4 nm

Main characteristics

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