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Pt. Struga lighthouse
The remoteness of the Island of Lastovo and the distance between it and the mainland has helped to preserve this island’s ancient landscape. It is an island with rich vegetation and untouched nature whose flora and fauna on land and under the surface will astound every visitor. It is a place where divers soon forget battling with diving equipment and suits and they return to revisit its numerous, beautiful diving sites. One of them lies at Pt. Struga, beneath the lighthouse, off the island’s south shore. Aside from a wall, ledges that drop vertically into the depths, there are also challenging large and unlit caves.

Diving tips

Anchoring is possible at a depth of 10 m in a cove to the left of the lighthouse which looks out to sea. The dive depends on diving preferences. If only visiting the wall, descent is to the plateau and edge of the wall which drops to > 60 m and then on to maximum depth; ascent should be gradual to allow for exploration of the wall and then back to the plateau for a decompression stop. If cave diving is your focus, recommended descent is a vertical dive just below the lighthouse to 40 m and the entrance zone, followed by exploration of the cave interior. Ascent can be open water or by surfacing gradually, keeping the wall to your right, along the anchoring line to the boat.

Marine life

The island lies on the open sea, which gifts it with a wealth of marine life. Forkbeards prevail in shallower water, while at a depth of 20 m fields of red gorgonians, lobsters, two-banded sea bream, white bream and sheepshead bream, as well as other species inhabiting the open sea abound.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 43 40 | E 16 53 40 »
Nearest settlement: Ubli
Distance: 2 nm

Main characteristics

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