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Palagruža, Galijula

Comb jelly (Bolinopsis vitrea)
The Palagruža Islands stand like sentinels on the open sea, at the entrance to the central Adriatic. Their name derives from Pelagos, the Greek word for ‘open sea’. They stand alone, inaccessible and distant, veiled in legend. It is believed that Diomedes, a respected leader in the Trojan War, fleeing from the wrath of beautiful Aphrodite, sought refuge here. In the depths around Palagruža one still finds abundant flora and fauna and pristine beauty. Reaching the islands is a challenge, diving in its waters a privilege and an opportunity that should be taken without hesitation.

Diving tips

The Galijula Crag is probably one of the most attractive dive sites in Croatia and is the country’s southernmost point. The dive is in the shallows at 10 m. The terrain is rocky and abounds in crevices wide enough for a diver to pass through and leading to more spacious halls illuminated by sunlight entering through small openings.

Marine life

Palagruža has a rich marine life. Lobsters rest in shady crevices, sometimes up to 20 in an area of 10 square metres. Monkfish, red mullets, conger and moray eels, octopi (Octopus macropus), and various crabs make it a challenging adventure reserved only for decisive divers.

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GPS: N 42 22 37 | E 16 20 16 »
Nearest settlement: Vis
Distance: 37 nm

Main characteristics

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