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Feather star, detail (Antedon mediterranea)
Point Ražnjić lies on the southeasternmost point on the Island of Korčula, from whence the explorer Marco Polo embarked upon his adventurous travels. Today, it beckons to new explorers, offering them the beauty of its undersea world. The cultural heritage of this island has been preserved by the inhabitants in medieval plays of chivalry – The Moreška Dance, The Moštra Dance and the Kumpanja Dance. For centuries, the residents of the deep have offered visitors their own dance of the depths. One of the places worth visiting is at Pt. Ražnjić near the town of Lumbarda.

Diving tips

The site is reached by boat and anchoring is on the interior side of the point. The dive is down a cascading wall that drops to over 45 m. Visibility is excellent.

Marine life

The strong prevailing currents allow for the growth of colonies of gorgonians, sea fans and sponges. This is also an ideal breeding ground for the comber.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 55 01 | E 17 12 10 »
Nearest settlement: Lumbarda
Distance: 2 nm

Main characteristics

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