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The Island of Majsan lies in the Korčula Channel, just over one mile from the town of Korčula. It is a valuable archaeological site and an antique and medieval anchoring point. The remains of amphorae and anchors found in the waters around the island, at a depth of 35 m, attest to Majsan’s history in commercial trading, notably during Roman times.

Diving tips

Anchoring is in the shallows followed by a drop to the sandy and rocky seabed. The anchors of ships quarantined here are visible at two sites. Exploration starts from the sandy and over the rocky seabed to 35 m. This site is appropriate for night dives and for novice divers with depths corresponding to their experience.

Marine life

A mix of sand, rock and silt found on the seabed is home to scorpionfish, wrasse, rays and soles.

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Site depth


GPS: N 42 57 24 | E 17 11 35 »
Nearest settlement: Lumbarda
Distance: 2.3 nm

Main characteristics

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