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Fraškerić, opening
Fraškerić is an island close to Banjole (Bagnol). The site is reached by boat and mooring is at an installed safety buoy. A guided diving tour starts at a depth of 4 m and continues at an average depth of 20 m through 4 caves and along an interesting wall. This diving site is not too strenuous and is ideal for those interested in photography as the environment abounds in visually stimulating images. The flora and fauna include algae, stingers, numerous shellfish, congers, scorpionfish, two-banded and sheepshead bream, octopi, lobsters and crabs.

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Site depth


GPS: N 44 49 27 | E 13 50 27 »
Nearest settlement: Banjole
Distance: 0.2 nm

Main characteristics

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